Crowd Barrier Branding - Live Event Branding

Crowd Barrier Branding

Branding event crowd barriers with barrier skins printed on lightweight fabric banners is an extremely effective marketing and promotional solution for use at sports events, concerts and festivals – in fact at any public event where barriers are being used. This can either be with simple logo branding or full colour applications for more complex designs and messages.

We have three standard options available; doublCrowd Barrier Skine-sided stretch barrier skins, finished lengths for multiple use and unfinished lengths for single use. These are available up to 1.2m high by any length as standard, however we can also produce crowd control banners to any size.

Please call 01280 707180 or email to find out more.

For branding options, you may want to consider the ‘step and repeat’ style where you repeat two/three different designs along the length of the barriers, either as a continuous run or as individual stretch barrier skins. Our pricing structure also allows you to bulk your order in multiple lengths and benefit from the lowest price. Call us to discuss your options.